Singapore Twitch streamer KiaraaKitty leaked nude

Singapore Twitch streamer KiaraaKitty leaked nude the fappening.

Singapore Twitch Streamer Allegedly Scams S$30K Out Of National Service Men

A Singapore video game Twitch streamer by the name of KiaraaKitty has allegedly been scamming her fellow countrymen out of some hefty pocket change.

According to an audio recording on Instagram page OurFallenWarriors (via Reddit), she has allegedly emotionally manipulated a number of males who signed up as a soldier for National Service (the country’s army that is mandatory for the male populace). After lying to them that she has a malignant growth, she convinces them to fork over their national service money which resulted in about S$30,000. She has scammed about seven people, psychologically manipulated them to the point where her victims did not feel like wanting to pay her back.

“Usually when I know that they have never had a ex-girlfriend, I will know that they are very vulnerable. I’ll then hint them that I am struggling with life and if I can’t get enough money, I might need to sell myself. After saying that, they would then start to offer help to me and I’ll ask if they are sure they want to do that.

I’m a natural honey, I was born to be a scammer. It was really a bad thing, I scammed like seven guys and never got caught.”

KiaraaKitty is no stranger to controversy. The CS:GO/Grand Theft Auto V/PUBG/Overwatch streamer has gone on a tirade with her viewers in a livestream last year. She was also banned on Twitch for attempting a hot tub stream, but was unbanned after. And she also made an appearance on a Pewdiepie video for racist slurs.

Update (5 June): Turns out that the video with the recording of her confession might be false. KiaraaKitty stated publicly that the recent rumours are “false and staged”; she has lodged a police report. She wasn’t specific on what the rumours are though.

Singapore Twitch streamer KiaraaKitty leaked nude

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